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Manufactured from sterilized PBT materials Erin Nicole individual lashes have a deep, rich black finish. Elegantly tapered to replicate a natural lash and consistent in curl and direction for ease of pickup and application. Packed in 20 line trays with over 5,000 lashes for improved organization and speed. Erin Nicole mixed trays will also allow you to increase the variety of curls, lengths and thicknesses carried in your inventory while decreasing the cost to stock.

Synthetic sterilized PBT fiber individual lashes

Ideal for both classic and volume applications

Semi-matte finish featuring a rich pure black color – No blue hue

Consistent curl and direction for easy pickup

Length indicator strips for easy organization

Available in 0.05, 0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15 & 0.18mm diameters

Lashes are organized on a special light colored tape placed on a white paper strip to easily see each individual lash extension. Especially useful for volume lashing. This particular tape and set up used in our trays results in extremely easy volume fanning. One of the easiest in the entire lash industry!

20 line mixed trays for increased organization – Over 5,000 lashes per tray featuring the following mix

Mix: 8mm(1), 9mm(2), 10mm(3), 11mm(4), 12mm(5), 13mm(5)

20 line mix trays are expertly packed to allow a 85-95% consistency of most professional lash artist’s inventories to decrease the cost of inventory stocked by the either the solo lash artist or multi-artist lash lounge

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