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Erin Nicole is designed with you in mind. Every Erin Nicole product has been designed and hand tested, both to simplify the lashing experience as well as increase your profits as either a single lash artist or studio owner. 


Erin Nicole Professional was founded by Erin Nicole and partner Kevin Buyan, with a vision of maximizing every lash artist's potential. As founders of a very successful lash + brow studio, their aim is to share their success by offering the products and strategies that have both simplified and maximized their potential both as lash artists and business owners. 


All Erin Nicole products have been designed and hand tested by founders, Erin & Kevin, and then put into every day use at their studio with a number of lash artists and clientele to ensure quality control. At this point, all products are critiqued and evaluated before they ever make it to the online store. This is the heart of the company; ever increasing quality products at fair prices to maximize your success in the industry. Erin Nicole Professional will continue to push the envelope to not only bring you new products but better our existing ones that not only compliment your business but enable it to thrive.


Erin Nicole is truly designed with you in mind. 

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