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It is with incredible excitement that we announce the launch of our new Erin Nicole Lash Pro Sponsorship Program! This program has been in the making for quite some time and is truly a heart project🤍


This gift is inspired by Erin’s journey in this amazing industry over the past 10 years. Starting out as a young Mom, growing into a business owner, educator and lash brand creator! 


It’s time to give back and in a big way! Erin Nicole Lash Pro is looking to sponsor one deserving individual at a life changing level. The successful candidate will receive one on one private training in the Advanced Classic Lash Foundation Training Course with lash educator, Erin Nicole. This deserving individual will receive Lash Extension Technician Certification upon successful completion of the program. They will also receive a lash product starter kit and ongoing mentorship to give the candidate a strong and successful head start in the lash industry! (Package worth over $2,000 CA)


At a time when many people are looking for a change or are needing a change based on circumstances this is the opportunity to have a fresh start towards success!


Education opens the doors to unlimited opportunity. This gift is based on the principle that when you receive opportunity in your life it becomes your responsibility to give back🤍



Sponsorship Process: 


All applications & submissions must be put through HERE


1.Dec.21-Dec 31 2020 Nominate a deserving candidate by filling out our online form explaining why this individual is deserving and in need of this opportunity and in which ways it will positively effect their life and those around them. FILL OUT NOMINATION FORM HERE.


 2. Jan 1st-Jan 15th 2021 All Nominees will be contacted and if they choose to accept they will need to write & submit a letter explaining why they would love to have this opportunity, how it would benefit & impact themselves and those around them as well as how they plan to use this opportunity in their life in a positive way. 


3. Jan 16th - 24th 2021 Submissions will be reviewed and successful candidate chosen & notified. 


4. Jan 25th 2021 Winner Announced. 


Grateful for the opportunity to give back🤍 




"And in the end, if you chose Love and if you chose Kindness, you chose well."                                                                                         

                                                                                              Xo Erin Nicole 

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