We get asked all the time, "Why would you create a line of luxury strip lashes and sell them them, if your own lash studio?, Aren't you going to lose your clients?"

From fellow lash artists in the industry, family and friends and even a few of our loyal lash clients were worried we might be going a little crazy! But, don't worry, we're not. 

We realized early on that we are not just in the lash extension industry but the LASH industry. These are two completely different views. 

We've been in the industry for a long time and we've realized a few things over the years. Lash extensions are an amazing service and even life changing for a vast majority of women, but they're not for absolutely everyone. There are a number of women who are sensitive or allergic to the lash adhesive or maybe they don't have the natural lashes to support extensions, plus many others. Whatever the reason, we realized there is large number of women who needed another option.

We knew we had something special and so our luxury line of strip lashes, the Iconic Collection, was born. Over a period of two years we created a small number of styles designed to replicate our most popular lash styles used with the intention of helping these women who could not wear extensions. Not only did our lash studio survive but thrive. Not only has our lash extension clientele grown but now we serve a much larger base that we couldn't before. The rest is history.

From day one, our mission, has always been to create the highest quality products and services with you in mind and be able to offer every woman an option to look and feel their best. Today, we offer the opportunity for every lash + brow studio to carry our Iconic strip lash collection with the goal that every lash studio be able to cater to all women!

If you are a lash or brow studio, make up artist or high end salon or spa our Iconic Collection may be just what you and your loyal clients are looking for. Become a retailer today!

If lash extension aren't for you, you can view our entire Iconic Collection and find the pair designed with you in mind!