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Volume lashing has become extremely popular and it takes months of practice for a technician to learn how to make a perfect fan and create a beautiful volume set. But, what if you are new to the eyelash industry and want to offer a variety of services to your client? What if the time just isn’t right or you don’t have the resources to take a volume course just yet? What if your client is looking for that voluminous look or really needs it, but just doesn’t have the time or money to spend on an actual volume set?

This is exactly why we have created our collection of Express Volume lashes - pre made 3D volume fans. Erin Nicole Express Volume fans are much lighter and safer for natural lashes compared to others offered in the market. We are not telling you that these fans will look better than real volume lashes but they will look relatively close!

Express Volume pre-made fans are the perfect solution for clients with gaps in the lash line or those who would like to add more volume to their classic eyelash extensions. Even though these lashes are ultra thin we do not recommend placing them in baby lashes, it is better to apply to a single lash of appropriate length and place a fan on a stronger lash.

Whenever you or your client is in a rush, Express Volume lashes are the perfect fix as they can speed up application by up to 3 times.


  • Synthetic sterilized PBT fiber individual lashes
  • Semi-matte finish featuring a rich pure black color – No blue hue
  • Lashes are organized on a special light colored tape placed on a white paper strip to easily see each individual lash extension
  • Ultra thin and feather light
  • Speed up application up to 3 times
  • Perfect for extra volume and to cover gaps
  • Perfect to mix with classic lashes
  • Easy to work with, even for beginners
  • Holds curl and direction
  • Available in D-Curl + 0.07mm
  • Available in individual length trays 8-14mm
  • 200 fans per tray - 10 rows x 20 fans per row. 75 to 100 more fans per tray than others in the industry!


  1. Grab the base of the pre-made fan and gently roll the fan upwards until the fan becomes unattached from the yellow double sided tape  
  2. Place the base of the fan back onto the yellow tape
  3. Grab the fan approximately half way up the length of the lashes.
  4. Dip the fan in your glue and place onto your client's natural lash.

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